L.C. Jewellers commenced in 2004 when Larry Corbo bought on board Darin World and Daniel Rach to achieve the best service to large jewellery chain stores for repairs and hand makes. They bring together expertise and knowledge from various working backgrounds and training to harness the flexible workings and design of jewellery.

In 2011 L.C. Jewellers started sponsoring the Women’s Brisbane Spartans Basketball. They have also designed and made the first solid 9ct ring with the Spartans Logo and solid 9ct pendant with Spartan Logo. These are presented to the MVP of the year for the Brisbane Spartans.

Larry was approached in 2012 to design and create a ring to support Stella Artois lager launch at the 2012 Stradbroke Cup. The design was made of 18ct white gold and set with white and blue diamonds. The ring that was presented on the race day is valued at $10,000.

L.C. Jewellers can also offer the latest in computer aided design technology, allowing strikingly accurate representations of designs, which now enable them to create pieces which where before near impossible. Combined this technology with the best quality casting services and proficiency in sourcing the right diamonds and coloured stones, you can let your imagination run wild.


Larry Corbo

Larry completed his apprenticeship at Wallace Bishop in the late 1970’s. In the mid 1980’s he set up a manufacturing business with partners. They supplied to large chain stores and buying groups with their product. This business lasted for over a decade.

He then went to work for Stephen Dibb Jewellery for a period of ten years. During this time he enhanced his skills in repairing and hand making jewellery. Larry was a winner the Australian Jewellery Design Award in 2000 while working at this Brisbane based company.

Larry designed and made the first NRL rings which went to the Broncos in their first winning Grand Final in 1992. Every player in the side received an 18ct solid gold ring with Norm Proven and Arthur Summons on one side and the Winfield Cup on the other side and the Broncos Logo in the middle. He did a minor sponsorship with the Broncos from the beginning 1988 - 1995.

Larry is now the proprietor of L.C. Jewellers – master repairers and design since 2004. His team have been doing work for major jewellery chain stores over this time.

Darin World

Darin has been working for L.C. Jewellers for the last 8 years, creating and designing individual pieces and sourcing diamonds and coloured stones from his many different contacts.

He started his jewellery journey as an apprentice under his father in Bundaberg in 1994. They did a lot of work for sapphire and opal miners which is where Darin gained his love of theseAustralian stones.

From Bundaberg he moved to Brisbane to learn new styles of techniques. After a couple of years working in various shops, Darin arrived at SDJ where he would spend the following 5 years. While there he learnt advanced setting skills and built up his hand making abilities as well as learning to source the right stone for the right person. During this time Darin also made the final of the 2000 Australian Jewellery Design Awards with a piece based on the Southern Cross called Guiding Light. From SDJ Darin worked for a major company before being approached by Larry to start L.C. Jewellers.

Daniel Rach

Daniel completed year 12 in 1997. Immediately following this he studied Art at TAFE. The course included gaining knowledge in techniques in drawing, painting, cartooning, sculpting and design. He began his jewellery apprenticeship in Brisbane with Stephen Dibb Jewellers, after being introduced to Stephen by Larry Corbo.

The fourth year apprenticeship involved mainly on the job training but also required attendance at TAFE for theory studies. During this time, Daniel was involved in a group design award for the 2000 Australian Jewellery Awards. The group were awarded first place and received the Peter W. Beck Design Award.

In 2002, Daniel successfully completed his apprenticeship. He joined Larry and Darin to launch the L.C. Jewellers business in 2004. Daniel is an accomplished drawer of jewellery ideas and designs.